Experienced PR manager.
The Wicked PR is a very small but very sharp team, looking for a new teammate to come and slay. 

The Wicked is an Antwerp PR agency specialized in PR strategy and social media for lifestyle brands, fashion, food, and interior design. We promote local young talents where we can. We hook you up with the channels you need, with the stories you are looking for. We provide made-to-measure solutions supported by extensive knowledge of all that is retail, fashion, trends, social media and the constantly shape-shifting media landscape.
We've been around for a while. 
Press releases, inspiring brainstorms, press conferences, bloggers events, product mailings, content creation, hugging influentials, parties, art shows, getting shit done and general ass-kicking are but a few of the things we can do. 

Some of our clients: Essentiel Antwerp, Hilton, Sergio Herman, The Avocado Show, Foodmaker, Manhattn's, and many more. 


  • Experience in PR: you have at least 3 years of experience at a PR agency or PR department of a solid brand
  • You're ready to take on full responsibility for your clients, in a team that's fiercely independent yet tuned in with each other
  • You have strategic insight and you can build a communication strategy, balancing your plan between press, social media, and influencer marketing. 
  • You understand your client's needs and you can translate a briefing into PR strategy, ultimately delivered as PR results. You wrap up each project with a clear evaluation to report back to the client. 
  • You know how to write a mean piece of press release copy 
  • You're fluent in Dutch and French. Your English isn't too bad either. 
  • Social media has no secrets for you, you know the dynamic of the online parallel universe all too well
  • You know and understand the always changing (Belgian) media landscape
  • You have built relations with a variety of journalists, understanding what they're all about and how you can help them to get the good stories 
  • You're a social animal. 
  • You know where to find pink monkeys that jump through burning hoops when we need one tomorrow. That's a trick question. We love animals. 
  • You can organise a press event in no time


Could this be you?
I'd love to meet you, or catch up with you if we're already acquainted. 
Please send me an e-mail, only to this address:

Hope to talk to you soon!

The Wicked PR


Picture: Toykyo for IXXI