Apero time

Some years ago grandsons Niels & Wouter decided to go and forage in the family garden to reproduce the handwritten recipes of their grandparents and tweak them into a series of modern aperitifs. This using the same rebellious ways as their grandparents did before them. Some sceptics couldn’t hold them back to go against the stream. Soon after, the name Kiss My… popped up.

Proud on the results they shared their work and in no time it got picked up by high-end cocktailbars and Michelin starred restaurants. From that moment on it was going strong for the brothers and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

With backgrounds in the culinary world and interior design Niels and Wouter had the perfect base to make Kiss My a succes in flavor and appearance.

As demand grew also did their ambitions. Sharing their grandparents recipes with the world is the quest they accepted.