L’epicerie du cirque

under the palm trees

L'épicerie du Cirque under the Palm Trees is a new concept by the renowned Belgian chef Dennis Broeckx and his wife Ellen Destuyver. Over the last decade, they've built a solid reputation with their restaurant 'L'épicerie du Cirque", and became a fixture in the Antwerp restaurant scene.

Last year, they decided to expand and opened three other businesses in the heart of Antwerp: Bar Palmier, a cosy bar with a focus on natural wines, craft beers and small bites, Moss, a breakfast and lunch concept next door, and Racine, a lunch spot with an own juice atelier at the Pakt site.

But Dennis and Ellen didn't stop there. They wanted to shake things up with l'épicerie du Cirque, and decided to use the space underneath Moss and Bar Palmier to open up a new concept named 'l'épicerie du Cirque under the Palm Trees'. L'épicerie du Cirque in its original form closed mid April of 2018 and has now reopened, serving a range of audience favourites from the last decade at l'épicerie du Cirque.

Over the last few years, Dennis gained a lot of culinary experience abroad, especially as an ambassador for Jong Keukengeweld. These experiences made him realise how broad the variety of Belgian products is. That's why, at l'épicerie du Cirque under the Palm Trees, Belgian products will be at the center of every dish.