Bicky TV


In September 2015, BICKY TV started on Snapchat.

To get the buzz going, a small amount of Bicky sweaters were produced, starting an instant hype in itself, also directing loads of new followers to the to be launched BickyTV Snapchat channel.

8 Thursdays in a row presenter Bockie de Repper and his sidekick Thea visited 8 different cities, approaching students with challenges that were rewarded with …. you guessed it: free Bicky burgers.

All was filmed with a smartphone and immediately posted on the Bicky snapchat channel.

Bockie & Thea's endeavours were NSFW but let's say fun was made, burgers were devoured, some censoring had to be done when posting the videos online after disappearing from Snapchat.

And 1 got a Bicky tattoo.