Burgers & Booze

burgers & booze

Just like Frank & Brut, Burgers & Booze is an innovative fastfood concept created by former pilot Kiarash Nabavieh. The idea is really simple: great cocktails combined with gourmet burgers.

When Burgers & Booze was launched, owner Nabavieh and his team introduced the very first black burger, called White Lie. Completely black and a bit odd looking, the black burger was an immediate hit. This unique dish was combined with a white signature cocktail called Black Lie.

The black burger is just one example of how Kiarash and his team are always looking for ways to challenge and surprise their customers.

The menu of Burgers & Booze is updated frequently, keeping feedback of visitors in mind and always striving for the best. This desire for perfection has resulted in a great restaurant where people enjoy cocktails and burgers in a nice and lively atmosphere.