Faber Makerspace

powered by pinkeye

Faber Makerspace is an urban workshop in Antwerp, offering both old and new production techniques. It was founded by Sanne Hendrickx in October 2016, with the support of Pinkeye designstudio. Creative designers and makers are invited here to meet likeminded souls, experiment their heart out and realise their projects.

This co-working place for designers and creative makers tries to lower the threshold to the creation process, because at Faber Makerspace they believe that everybody is a maker. That is why they strive to offer the kind of things that makers need, but are hard to find (or expensive) in an urban setting: an affordable and spacious workshop that is fully equipped with both technology and traditional tools and the experience that comes with using both. A lasercutter, 3D printers and a silkscreen studio are just a few of the tools and machines available for use.

Faber Makerspace welcomes every enthousiast to test and create prototypes, develop new production techniques or even produce small final batches together with a whole network of co-creators.