Frank & Brut

hotdogs & champagne

Frank & Brut owner Kiarash Nabavieh, expat, pilot, foodie and food trend hunter, already opened a burger restaurant 'Burgers & Booze'.

The unique concept of Frank & Brut now pairs gourmet fastfood with posh drinks, clashing street & chic together.

'Belgium is very slow when it comes to hospitality trends. In my travels abroad I discover new and innovative ways of experiencing fastfood all the time. Top notch ingredients, carefully picked drinks, posh drinks paired with gourmet fastfood- delicious!' - Kiarash Nabavieh

Timesharing the kitchen: Frank's Deli
Exceptional about this restaurant is the 'timesharing' of the kitchen: During daytime, the location features 'Frank's Deli', a lunch place which transforms to a trendsetting hotdog and champagne bar after dark.

The interior and visual identity were concepted around the 7 deadly sins: angels envious of hotdog sausages, collecting all the champagne they can drink, attacking with broken bottles. The menu features 7 sinful hotdogs, named after the 7 sins.