Holy Food Market


Holy Food Market is the very first food market in a chapel, the 16th century Baudelo abbey in Gent. Inspired by the foodhalls in Barcelona, Rotterdam and Kopenhagen, this new food market brings the historical venue back to life.

Holy Food Market offers no less than 15 food concepts going from Lebanese, Portuguese or Russian to a croquette stall. Apart from a cocktailbar, Holy Food Market also houses a beer bar with a large selection of beers on tap.

For those with a sweet tooth there are cuberdons, pralines and an ice cream bar. For meat lovers as well as for vegetarians there is plenty to choose from, also seafood and oysters got a special place in the food market.

The initiative for Holy Food Market came from Ladislas Leys, who has a background in interior design and is, as an entrepreneur, always on the lookout for exciting ideas to develop for his clients. Holy Food Market is his first very own project.