Pop Up Class

powered by cronos

Pop-Up Class is a temporary home base for young/starting entrepreneurs and ambitious students. During daytime, Pop-Up Class provides the ideal space for meetings, co-working, or simply for a coffee or lunch. At night, we provide a stage for inspirational speakers, encouraging the Pop-Up Class guests with stories of success but also stories of failure, behind the scenes stories of successful companies and the tricks of the trade.

Pop-Up Class had 2 successful editions in October 2014 and 2015, featuring bigwigs like Alex Agnew, Herman Konings, Tom Palmaerts, Claire Tillekaerts, Gert Kerkstoel and Inge Onsea; introducing young wolves like Thomas Smolders (Dift), Sofie Vertongen (Phyt plants), Nele Reymen (author), Jozefien Daelemans (Charlie Magazine), Jarri Van Der Haegen (Disconaïveté), Elfi De Bruyn (Glam at Heart), and many more.

A small army of 10 young bloggers took care of the Pop-Up Class blog, each giving us their take on the events of the day. You can find their writings here.

6 Illustrators (Amongst others the ever so fantastic Eva Mouton) customised member cards, adding even more to the fun!

On top of this, a very close collaboration with the marvelous team of Supermachine makes Pop-Up Class a top favorite project for The Wicked.