Personal assistant/ office manager


Personal assistant/ office manager
The Wicked PR is a very small but very sharp team, looking for a new teammate to come and slay.

The Wicked is an Antwerp PR agency specialized in PR strategy and social media for lifestyle brands, fashion, food, and interior design.
Some of our clients: Essentiel Antwerp, Hilton, Sergio Herman, The Avocado Show, Foodmaker, Manhattn's, and many more.


  • Extremely organised
  • 'I got you' is your answer to every question. You back that up with actions and results.
  • You're fluent in Dutch and French. Your English isn't too bad either.
  • You know how to work with all office software
  • Fast and service-minded communicator
  • You are a problem solver
  • You have an interest in Belgian media


  • Being my rock and confidant
  • Manage our inbox
  • Preparing research
  • Sending out packages
  • Making presentations
  • Write reports of meetings and filter out next steps
  • Updating of database
  • Updating of website and image bank
  • Assistance in accounting
  • Booking of travel
  • Manage orders and invoices of suppliers
  • Assist in PR activities
  • Assist in manager's personal affairs


  • A fulltime job in a small and ambitious team, in an amazing office in Antwerp
  • A salary matching your skills
  • A healthy lunch every day


Could this be you?
I'd love to meet you, or catch up with you if we're already acquainted.
Please send me an e-mail (not a DM), only to this address:

Hope to talk to you soon!

The Wicked PR



FAQs about this job:

  • Is it a fulltime job?
  • Can I do it remotely?
    No. We need an extra set of hands around the office, and we need to leave the office in your safe hands if we're out on meetings. Also, we don't want to leave you out of our wicked vibe at the office! PS we have fresh food at the office every single day.
  • Is it a 'personal assistant' job or an 'office management' job?
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. Shakespeare said that, not me :)
    I'm personally not that much into titles, not even for myself.
    We can call you the president of all office affairs, queen of the jungle, lady miss boomshakalaka know-it-all, pick the one you like. I'll put it on your business cards, too.
  • Can I bring my dog?




Image: © Essentiel Antwerp spring summer 2019