wall decoration

In 2010, IXXI started as a Dutch innovative concept in wall decoration. With their recognizable square cards and connectors, they have now grown into a creative brand with an active community of IXXI lovers on all continents. The wide collection of carefully selected prints range from personalized collages, abstract and classic art, over Disney, to graffiti, quotes and photography, and is available in different shapes and sizes. The unique designs are all manufactured and produced in the Netherlands. Joined together with partners from all over the world, they construct sustainable, affordable and high-quality wall decorations.


We as a team hand-picked an exclusive collection of Belgian artists, from Antwerp and Gent. Illustrator and cartoonist Eva Mouton reworked some historical artwork and also created a design that features her iconic 'droodles'. Tattoo artist Joe Dynamite (of the Glorybound Antwerp) provided IXXI with some of his timeless vintage tattoo art. Eltipo created beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and graphics. Surf photographer Wouter Struyf completes the list. You can find these Belgian masterpieces and many more at concept store YOUR Antwerp, where the launch party was held, or take a look online at www.ixxiyourworld.com.