The Wicked is an Antwerp based agency and the brain child of PR strategist and trend consultant Saskia Neirinckx. The Wicked specializes in PR, concept work and social media for lifestyle brands, fashion, food, and interior design. We promote local talents where we can. We hook you up with the channels you need, with the stories you are looking for. We provide made-to-measure solutions supported by extensive knowledge of all that is retail, fashion, trends, social media and the constantly shape-shifting media landscape. We've been around for a while. 

We're a small but razor sharp PR team:
Press releases, inspiring brainstorms, press conferences, bloggers events, product mailings, content creation, hugging influentials, parties, art shows, getting shit done and general ass-kicking are but a few of the things our team can do. Ask us for more.

We're consultants:
Let us take care of your PR strategy and give you a clear vision of what the possibilities of your brand are. Help you define your PR briefing - smoothly coordinated with your marketing, social media and e-com strategy. We'll never sell you an influencer campaign just because you heard it's the current hype. We will maximize your possibilities with smart ideas, using your full potential and with clear goals in mind. 

We're food nerds:
We develop food trend hunts in London. If you're a food professional and you need to tap into our knowledge of all that's happening and about to happen: you should join us for an eye opening food tour and trend report. 

Consultancy sprints: 
Since Corona, we provide short consultancy sprints because these are exceptional times. This means 2-3 hour meetings full of ready-to-use advice. Without commitment to a full campaign. Oh yeah, we give homework too. We guarantee direct impact and results within a few days. How do you like them apples.